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About Us

The Cats

Izzy and Zoë are two mixed British Shorthair sisters who have their own Instagram account, Izzyandthefluff. Zoë earned her nickname ‘The Fluff’ due to her longer fur, yet she also has another distinctive trait: a big heart-shaped marking on her chest. She’s  basically a  feline CareBear. Her sister Izzy has amassed quite the fanbase of her own due to her irresistible and expressive owl-eyed face.

The Humans

Both cats live in the Netherlands with their pawents Joanne Smienk
and Dustin Felipa. The Instagram account Izzyandthefluff is run by their meowmy, Joanne, who is behind all photos/videos and communications. Joanne is a History student who discovered her love for Photography due to the urge to better capture the cuteness of her kittens.

Photo by Dustin Felipa