DCMA Imgur

Remove stolen content from Imgur

Filing a DMCA for your stolen content on Imgur is a bit different than for most media platforms. They do not have a standard form you can fill out. Instead, you have to type out the statement yourself and email it to abuse@imgur.com. See a template for what this email would look like, below.

Please note that despite what their DMCA page says, you do not need to register your content with the Copyright Office to have the copyright to your content. The moment you clicked that shutter button, it’s your copyright and they should take it down if you file a DMCA. I have succesfully had content taken down from Imgur and it was not registered with the Copyright Office.

Mail Template

Dear sir/madam,

The following content on Imgur violates my copyright:
[insert direct link to the content that violates your copyright]

I have a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by me as copyright owner, or by my agent, or by law.

The information in my notice is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, I am the owner of the exclusive copyright right that is allegedly being infringed.

Here you can find an authorized example of my work:
[insert direct link to your authorized work]
Electronic Signature: [insert your full legal name]
Contact information:
– [insert your email adress]
– [insert your name & adress]
– [insert your phone number]
Best wishes,
[insert your name]